An Army of Lovers

An Army of Lovers is coming to your city.

An Army of Lovers rebroadcasts slogans & manifestos, photographs & posters,
protests & demands from queer liberation movements of the 20th century.

Drawing from LGBTQ archives within and beyond the US, an Army of Lovers
reactivates words and images of queer power, putting them back into circulation.

From Twitter to the streets of Mexico City,
we advocate for equality and the preservation of LGBTQ culture,
in the face of injustice and assimilation.

* The black rainbow represents a refusal to assimilate -- a call to action -- a symbol of Queer power.
The symbol was inspired by an event in 2013 in which right-wing protestors burned a rainbow sculpture
representing diversity.
The black rainbow symbol rises from the ashes and stands as a stark reminder that our struggle for
equality continues in the face of ongoing violence and injustices against queer people around the globe.

Send your favorite anti-LGBTQ politician a gay love letter!

Postcards available at Printed Matter in NYC and online.

2015 AK/OK